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Please Do Not Flush Wipes

Please DO NOT flush disinfectant wipes! Like other personal wipes, baby wipes and paper towels, disinfectant wipes are non-flushableWhen flushed, they clog pipes, which can cause breaks and backups. Please do your part to ensure that all of us keep a healthy and functioning wastewater system by putting wipes in the trash not the toilet.

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Heritage Village Water Pledges To Work With Customers Financially Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis

We have halted shutoffs and collections for past-due balances. All customers will continue to receive water. Please be alert for scammers who may use this time to take advantage of you.

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Heritage Village Water to Become Part of Connecticut Water

We have asked the CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority for permission to merge Heritage Village Water into Connecticut Water, which have been sister companies for 4 years. It will eliminate record keeping and regulatory filings required as a standalone company. You’ll be served by the same employees and the merger will not affect water rates or service. Pending PURA approval, we expect the change to occur in late summer.

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