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Consumer Protection

Be Sure Before You Open The Door!

The Heritage Village Water customer protection program uses automated features of our customer information system to generate an email to the customer with a photo of our service person when on route for a scheduled appointment. You can feel better knowing who to expect before our employee knocks on your door for the service appointment.

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Protect Yourself From Imposters - Ask for an ID or Call Us to Check!

As we continue to see stories in the news of imposters posing as utility workers to gain access to people's homes, we want to remind our customers not to let anyone into your home who says they are from Heritage Village Water if they don't have a photo ID and drive a vehicle that displays our logo and phone number. Our people will happily wait outside while you call us at 203-264-8100 to verify their employment.

  • Do NOT allow anyone in your home if you are uncomfortable or suspicious.
  • Heritage Village Water Company employees will not ask for or accept any form of payment or issue any monetary credit at a customer's home.
  • Company employees will carry photo IDs and drive vehicles marked with the Company logo. Legitimate employees are happy to show their ID if you ask.
  • Visits to customers' homes by the water company are scheduled in advance except in an emergency.
  • Our employees do not enter customers' homes to collect past due bills; do not deliver rebates or refunds, won't sell utility products such as meters and do not solicit water testing services for customers.
  • If someone claiming to be a water utility employee arrives at your residence without an appointment, or you are not certain if they are with the water company, do not allow them to enter our home - first call Heritage 24 hour customer service at 203-264-8100 to verify their identify.
  • If you are uncomfortable or suspicious, call the local police.