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Flushing Schedule

Flushing Schedule


Scheduled Spring flushing has been completed. Please check back in the fall.

Routine water main flushing is an important part of our ongoing efforts to maintain water quality and service in our systems. You may notice pressure fluctuations during flushing. Flushing scours the inside of the water mains and can stir up harmless sediment that can cause discolored water. This is not a health concern but we do recommend that, if possible, you avoid using the washing machine, dishwasher and other water-using devices until after flushing is completed and the water has cleared.

Discolored water can be cleared by running the cold water tap for a couple of minutes. If the water doesn’t clear after a while, or if you have specific concerns, please call Heritage Village Water at 1-203-264-8100.

Coronavirus Precaution:

For the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community please practice social distancing by maintaining at least a six foot separation when you see Connecticut Water employees in the field. 

Why do we flush hydrants? Find out by viewing a brief video


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